Wintun: Layer 3 TUN Driver for Windows


Wintun is a very simple and minimal TUN driver for the Windows kernel, which provides userspace programs with a simple network adapter for reading and writing packets. It is akin to Linux's /dev/net/tun and BSD's /dev/tun. Originally designed for use in WireGuard, Wintun is meant to be generally useful for a wide variety of layer 3 networking protocols and experiments. The driver is open source, so anybody can inspect and build it. Due to Microsoft's driver signing requirements, we also offer precompiled and signed versions, and ways of including it in Windows installers. The goal of the project is to be as simple as possible, opting to do things in the most pure and straight-forward way provided by NDIS.

Usage & Installation

The has extensive information on installing and integrating Wintun into your application.


A small, cute, furry rabbit brings a window into a tunnel.

The source code is provided under the GPL 2.0 and is available via git:

$ git clone


Wintun is distributed as MSM modules, to be merged into MSIs. Instructions on how to use these can be found in the Note that the MSMs are the only supported way of distributing Wintun. The latest beta version is 0.8.1.

Contribution & Contact

You may email the WireGuard mailing list with patches sent via git-send-email and formatted with git-format-patch. To report security vulnerabilities, please email security at wireguard dot com.